Was Earth formed by the impact of two medium sized planets?

The hypothesis being that Earth formed from the collision of two medium sized planets.

Was Earth formed by the impact of two medium sized planets?

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When Worlds Collided.

Heaven and PreEarth were planets, a binary system orbiting the Sun. This happy arrangement continued for countless years, until, some unfortunate circumstance caused Heaven to collide with PreEarth, forming the Earth.

We investigate the evidence that the Earth is the child of such a collision. We show that the planets Heaven and PreEarth were of similar size and mass. We show that many of the Earth's topographical features, such as mountain chains and ocean basins, were created during the collision. We show that certain hard to explain features of the Earth, such as its magnetic field, can now be more easily understood. And, in establishing all this, we uncover a new theory on the origin of the Moon.

Much of PreEarth's crust survived the impact and is today the continental crust of the Earth. Although broken and contorted, giant pieces of the ancient crust acted as ships floating on a newly molten interior, insulating, and protecting, life from the fires below. Heaven itself, together with its crust, if it had one, disappeared into the interior of the PreEarth, never to be seen again. If we put the broken pieces of PreEarth's crust back together, we obtain the following map.


This map is a flat representation of part of a globe. Hence, some distortion is inevitable.....

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The whole idea of the theory is summarized by this animatation:


The impact area was that within the circle.

Pangaea (considered as a land area on PreEarth) was outside the circle.

Heaven was completely submerged into PreEarth (causing massive expansion).

When Pangaea (considered as a land area on PreEarth) is mapped from the sphere of PreEarth to a flat map, you get exactly the map of the first graphic up above. In fact, that is how this map was first produced.

Here is a standard map of Pangaea


The expansion in size of PreEarth after swallowing Heaven, caused Pangaea to spilt apart and break up into what we now call continents.

The circular region where Heaven entered is now called the Pacific Ocean (not all the Pacific, but most of it).

Here is an animation showing how the Atlantic Ocean opened up.


and another showing the opening around Antarctica.


Cool animations, eh?

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