Earth Formation Hypothesis

The hypothesis being that Earth formed from the collision of two medium sized planets.

Earth Formation Hypothesis

Postby tremilberg » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:44 pm

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Kevin Mansfield

I accidentally stumbeled upon your name on the internet the other day when I found this link: ... lusion.htm
Big was my surprise when I found that one of the links you referred to was one of my own:

You say it ”is an attempt to explain away the problem, so the problem has been known, to some, for a while.”

I admit the video is pretty crappy made and is maybe unclear in it´s intentions, but I originally made the video to try to show some of my friends the absurdities of the ruling theory of Plate Tectonics and that the natural conclusion is that it in fact is completely impossible!

I have been puzzled by the pattern shown in the isochrones on the ocean floor and particularely the triangular pattern in the Pacific. I thought it looked impossible to get the pattern shown using PT theory. But I took upon me the task to try to find if there was any theoretically possible solution to the problem within a PT framework. I twisted my mind trying to do what PT theorists should have done long, long ago. So yes, it must be known to some, but to my humble knowledge, noone have treated the issue with the attention it deserves. I ended up with what you see, realizing it is forcing square pegs into round holes. What I am really saying is : Only if PT can account for the disappearing of seafloor equivalent to nearly twice the surfacearea of present day earth(!) can it possibly be true. I.e. if pigs can fly, then I am king Solomon! I am certainly not king Solomon.

Enough said abot that, I find it interesting to se your hypothesis even if I have not had the time to read enough to fully understand it all yet. I have considered the possibility myself, but rejected the idea for a number of reasons that I would like to raise in due course. While I digest your hypothesis, you may like to watch my other videos on youtube: It is not finished yet and another version will be uploaded as soon as I have had the time to complete it. I also have some work here: and here: if you are interested.

Are you at all familiar with the Expanding Earth group on yahoo?

They are planning a workshop/conference on Earth expansion/Growing Earth in Rome, Italy in October. Seems to me your hypothesis should be present there!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Re: Earth Formation Hypothesis

Postby preearth » Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:00 pm

E.H. Tremilberg;

Hi. Good to hear from you.

I like your orange peel globe video. Using orange peel is a nice touch.

One comment; It took me a couple of minutes to figure out the message. I reckon you should find a way to drive your point home. Make it so clear that it gets past no one. It turns out that people are much less smart than I once thought. My guess is that many won't understand the point you are making.

As to my theory, I have run it past a couple of geophysicists.

They didn't find anything fatal to the theory and suggested a number of possible changes, some leads to follow and some arguments that needed to be shored up (almost none of these changes have made it to yet).

Unfortunately, of all the (many) geophysicists I have spoken with, exactly zero, believe my theory to be true.

Mind you, I have convinced a small number of mathematicians.

Have a look at ... basics.htm

As to expanding earth folk. I tried contacting Don Findlay, but he appears to be some sort of weird false opposition, or something. I have recently come across the emails of a bunch of expanding earth people and will contact them at some point. I will also join

However, I am extremely busy at the moment, and have been putting off things I really shouldn't put off, but things do eventually get done.

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