Joe Stalin = Joseph son of Judah.

Joe Stalin = Joseph son of Judah.

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Joe Stalin = Joseph son of Judah.

We are told that Joseph Stalin's original (Georgian) name is:

იოსებ ჯუღაშვილი

which is variously transcribed into English as Ioseb Jughashvili / Djughashvili / Dzhugashvili.

There is one problem with this. შვილი means “son of,” so ჯუღა must be a Georgian name.
However, ჯუღა is an unknown name (it is not even a word) in the Georgian language.
Georgian dictionaries do not know this nonsense word ჯუღა.
Thus, Stalin's original surname ჯუღა-შვილი is a nonsense name, a combination making no sense.

So, what is wrong?

It turns out that the nonsense word ჯუღა is a (deliberate) miss-spelling of ჯუდა. So we have;

ჯუღა is an unknown Georgian name (or word). Whereas,
ჯუდა is the Georgian name corresponding to the English name Judah (it is even pronounced Judah).

They look the same, but one has no (Georgian) meaning and the other has the (Georgian) meaning of Judah.

So, ჯუღაშვილი should really be ჯუდაშვილი (which is pronunced Judashvili).

Hence, Joe Stalin's true birth name, when translated into English, means, Joseph son of Judah (the nearest equivalent name in English would be Joseph Judson).

One guesses that Stalin used so many aliases, because he wished to hide his true name.

A brief summary of the argument:

იოსებ = Joseph.

შვილი = son of.
ჯუღა is not a name. Hence,
ჯუღაშვილი is a nonsense combination.

შვილი = son of.
ჯუდა = (the name) Judah. Hence,
ჯუდაშვილი = son of Judah (pronunced Judashvili).

იოსებ ჯუღაშვილი = Joseph Jughashvili = Joe Stalin.
იოსებ ჯუდაშვილი = Joseph son of Judah.

Now, ჯუღა is a miss-spelling of ჯუდა. Hence,

Joe Stalin = Joseph son of Judah.

For those who cannot see the Georgian characters used above.
Here is a photo of the summary;

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