Ripping a music CD to MP3 using lame and cdparanoia.

Ripping a music CD to MP3 using lame and cdparanoia.

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This is for Linux users.


Install lame and cdparanoia from your distribution's disks.

If you want the source code, it is available from the cdparanoia homepage:

Many Linux distributions, on orders from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), do not include the program lame, so you will have to compile it from source. The source code can be found here;

The latest version appears to be lame-3.98.4.tar.gz

Ripping a music CD to MP3.

Suppose you wish to rip your MeatLoaf album "Bat out of hell." to MP3, then you place the album in your DVD drive and execute the command;

cdparanoia -v -w 1- MeatLoaf-BatOutOfHell.wav

This outputs a Microsoft WAV format file called MeatLoaf-BatOutOfHell.wav

Now use lame to convert it to the MP3 file called MeatLoaf-BatOutOfHell.mp3.

lame -m j -b96 -B320 -h -V2 -F MeatLoaf-BatOutOfHell.wav MeatLoaf-BatOutOfHell.mp3

That's it. All finished.

The options -m j -b96 -B320 -h -V2 -F are from

They are claimed to give the highest quality recording.

You can also use the options --tt "Title" --ta "Author" --tl "Album" --tc "Comment" etc, to add info to the MP3 tag.

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